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Passionate About Bringing People Together

I have always been told I have a gift for connecting people. I enjoy organizing events in my neighborhood, in my city, and at places I am passionate about.  Social media is just like one big ongoing event. You're catching up with old friends, making new ones, and being motivated by the people you follow.

After spending 5 years creating content for small businesses I decided to spend more time doing the things that light me up and less of the things that make me tired.  For me, I have always been passionate about making a difference in the world. Ever since I was a littler girl, I promised myself that whatever I decided to do as career, it would be something that would make an impact, and that's why I chose to focus on creating for non-profits and community organizations.

I spend a lot of time researching social media trends, listening to podcasts, watching youtube videos, and reading books when I am not busy raising my two sons, volunteering at their school, traveling to fun places, watching Game of Thrones with my husband or taking care of our 5 reptiles and our adorable pit bull.

Other than running Ashley Erikson Creative, I am an elementary school PTA President, administrator to the Burbank Mommies and Burbank Mompreneurs Facebook groups, and staff writer for 

Instagram Success
  • @zeustheblindowl to 39.5k followers

  • @lola_the_sloth to 14.6k followers

  • @wildlifelearningcenter to 11.1k followers

  • @magnoliaparkburbank to 3.4k followers

  • @romancingthebean to 3k followers

  • @theashleyerikson to 2.5k followers

Facebook Success
  • Wildlife Learning Center to 13.3k followers

  • Magnolia Park Burbank to 6.9k followers

  • Magnolia Park Mamas (group) to 4k members

  • Romancing the Bean to 2.1k followers

Featured on

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"Ashley Erikson has become a popular figure in Burbank, particularly in the city’s Magnolia Park district, where she lends most of her organizing and promotion prowess. There, she is a regular presence and is endearingly referred to as “Miss Magnolia.” A marketing maven, Erikson has been a tour de force in pulling the community together and promoting many great things about Burbank to residents and visitors alike."

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