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Choose a coaching session listed below or contact me to customize.

Square one

Is social media a foreign language to you? Have you been wanting to get your business on some platforms and don't even know where to begin?  Don't even know what the word "platform" means? Then this is the coaching class for you! In this hour long class we will start from square one to create and complete your accounts and go over the most important DOs and DON'Ts of social media. 


If you have your social media game down but maybe have some specific questions that come up along the way including analytics, creating content, engagement, hashtags, mentions, building followers, scheduling posts, etc.- then let's chat.  We can schedule an in person meeting or a phone call for a 30 minute coaching session.
For Social Media Newbies
Ask Me Anything About Social Media

On the ball

You're probably a pro by now, right? You have your profiles, you are busting out content left and right, but it's just not enough.  Are you ready to take advantage of all the perks social media has to offer?  Let's brainstorm ideas on creating engagement, building followers and utilizing tools like Stories and Live. In this 1.5 hour coaching session we will dive deep into every aspect of Instagram and Facebook.
For the Social Media Ace Ready For More

The Influencer

Are you noticing that Instagram is getting...pretty? That's not a coincidence, that is a fully thought out plan that influencers are using to brand their business and image on social media. You'll notice the same filters are used, it has a certain flow to the overall profile and it is just so damn pretty.  You can have that too! I'll show you tips and tricks on taking pictures, how to edit, what filters to use, and how to plan your images out with a purpose in this 1.5 hour coaching session.
Tips & Tricks for Taking the Best Photos
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