Ashley Erikson

Ashley Erikson

social media consultant

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I help small businesses take control of their social media by creating engaging content and campaigns in order to

build a better online brand.



Wondering where you're going wrong with social media?  The social analysis report is the perfect start to fixing your social media woes and making sure you're utilizing all your platforms have to offer.

Choose a package, tell us about your brand and it's goals and we do the rest.  Through brand research and studying social media trends, we'll give you a custom report specifically designed to your business' needs and goals complete with content ideas, inspiration, audience targeting, and tips and tricks of the social media world.



Have a group of entrepreneurs or business owners looking to hold a class on social media?  Schedule a class to go over the basics of social media's platforms: Instagram and Facebook.  


In the class you'll learn why social media is important, how to use "stories" mode and other features, how to attract and maintain followers, how to build engaging content, and how to create a voice that is your own.

Don't outsource your social media to expensive marketing companies when you can do it yourself.  One on one personal coaching offers in depth strategies and lessons on maintaining your brand on social media, and being held accountable for it.

Coaching is by the hour and allows for you to ask questions regarding your personal social media accounts and websites.  We'll focus on your struggles and strengthening the areas of weakness in your online presence. 

I N F O / B O O K
I N F O / B O O K

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