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Last Friday

April 26, 2019



Magnolia Park, Burbank

Magnolia Blvd

from Hollywood Way to Catalina



Make sure you come to Ladies and Gents Night Out on an empty stomach.  We have around 35 food trucks every month along the boulevard.

Ladies and Gents Night Out supports the local Magnolia park businesses! Here's a list of all the stores that will be open for the event.

Featured On MSNBC

Each week MSNBC's Your Business features experts to share their secrets for improving your business. This week, Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity for customers to check out local stores that they may not regularly visit. In Burbank, California, shopping small is a top priority in the Magnolia Park section of the city. That's where retailers get together once a month to revitalize sales and give the neighborhood a boost.

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